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M3 International, in collaboration with Wolfsoul Technology, presents the STOP RECOIL muzzle brake (recoil compensator). Combining principles never used before in the so-called muzzle brakes, M3 International, in collaboration with Wolfsoul Technology, has managed to produce a system that reduces the recoil of the weapon in which it is installed by more than two thirds. The system has been tested in a shooting gallery and on a test bench, having widely exceeded in efficiency the rest of muzzle brakes available in the market.

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Muzzle Brake             Muzzle Brake

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The STOP RECOIL system is especially suitable for large-caliber weapons as well as light and heavy artillery pieces, incredibly reducing the recoil produced by the expansion of gases that produces the shot. The active principles of this system are the forced reversal of gas outflow and inertial pressure shock.

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 Technical features

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